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Please use these links to learn more about local & national archery, and about archery in general.

Archery GB Archery GB (GNAS). The governing body for the sport of archery in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Welsh Archery Association The Welsh Archery Association (WAA) was established in October 2000. It was formed by merging the North Wales Archery Society, South Wales Archery Society and the Welsh Archery Federation into one national region.
GAA The GAA covers all clubs in the old Glamorgans area of South Wales and is affiliated to both the Welsh Archery Association and the Grand National Archery Society. County Championships are held each year for indoor and outdoor target archery as well as field archery.
NFAS Archery The National Field Archery Society (NFAS) exists to foster and promote Field Archery as a sport. All our courses are unmarked, i.e. unknown distances, usually situated in woodland, and our targets are predominatly 3D or paper animal faces.
WFAA The Welsh Field Archery Association (WFAA) is the governing body of field archery in Wales and is affiliated to the International Field Archery Association.
Wales Archery Wales Archery, Archery Pro Shop South Wales. For All Your Archery Needs.
Quicks Archery An archery company that has been in business since 1959 with 4 shops in Hampshire, London, Devon and Leicestershire. Quicks Catalogue "The Bowmans Guide" has been produced every year since 1959 and is an excellecent resource for archers. The 100 page full colour catalogue is free and can be obtained in digtital format via this link or paper format via the Quicks website.
Merlin Archery An archery shop based in Leicestershire and Count Durham with an excellent reputation and an online archery store.
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Archers of Underwood
Llandaff City Bowmen