Caerau Dragon Bowmen


09-05-2021 Shooting Outdoors

After a successful first shoot on Sunday 2nd May and a session on Friday 7th May normal sessions will be resuming for members only.

Sessions times are 18:30-20:30 but will be dependent on the weather.

05-07-2020 Notice from the Committee

The text below was recieved from Glamorgan archery and so he club has opened for shooting, outdoors only and subject to the Archery GB guidelines on shooting after lock down. Sessions will be on weekend, for members only and subject to use of the booking system.

Dear clubs of Glamorgan

The Welsh Government has announced that from Monday 22nd June 2020 they are allowing the reopening of outdoor sports courts for non contact non team sports. Archery appears to fall within that category. But before you dust off your bows your club MUST ensure the can comply FULLY with ALL the Archery GB guidelines.(READ ALL 8 PDF DOCUMENTS). You must also confirm with your venue provider they are happy for you to return. Local authorities or schools may have to follow rules preventing an immediate return for groups hiring their facilities (e.g. the use of toilets). This relaxation applies only to outdoor venues.

Given clubs are going to be occupied making arrangements for a return to archery, we are proposing to postpone the GAA meeting scheduled for the end of June and will re-organise a date which may be more suitable. I will be back in touch again soon about that. Also, I have been asked to remind clubs to ensure their contact details are recorded with Wales Archery so you can receive bulletins directly from WAA.

Good luck with your arrangements and hope to see you soon

Stay safe


Secretary GAA

17-03-2020 Notice from the Committee

In light of the latest advice from Glamorgan Archery Association (see below) and Archery GB it is with regret that we will be cancelling all shoots till further notice. We share your disappointment about this decision but it is done with the best intent.

17-03-2020 Glamorgan Archery Association - Update on CORVID-19 Virus

Glamorgan Archery Association have just given an update about the Covid-19 virus:

The UK Government has announced new measures which includes advice that people should avoid gatherings and crowded places, such as pubs, clubs and theatres. Based on this advice, and following ArcheryGB's example of suspending all of it's activities for the time being.

GAA recommends clubs suspend indoor archery sessions.

Clubs should also seriously consider a suspension to outdoor archery sessions as a precaution, or a delay to the start of outdoor shooting for the summer season until Government advice changes.

The final decision about club activities is, of course, a matter for individual clubs, but it is important that clubs take all reasonable steps to reduce non essential personal contacts during this threat to public health.

If any members experience symptoms highlighted by the Chief Medical Officer, which includes a new persistent cough and a high temperature, self isolate for seven days. The same applies if you have come in contact with anyone displaying these symptoms.

Check up on your club members if you haven't seen them for a while, especially those in vulnerable age groups.

24-05-2018 New Level 1 Coaches

The club now has three new Level 1 coaches after Gina, Rhys and Tony passed their assessment on 20th May.

With our coaching team now numbering five with head coach Simon and Level 3 coach Denise we will be able to offer more beginners courses and open days and allow Simon to concentrate on improving existing club members.

05-09-2017 Three Club Friendly Shoot (3rd September 2017) Results


Due to very wet and windy weather it was decided to use the club indoor facilities and shoot a Portsmouth round.


1Simon MiskinCaerau Dragon Bowmen554

1Rhys EdwardsCaerau Dragon Bowmen527
2Tony RobinsonCaerau Dragon Bowmen494
3Gina BurtonCaerau Dragon Bowmen487
4Jon EdwardsCaerau Dragon Bowmen478
5Paul PayneCelyn Archers460
6Dave MarshArchers of Underwood454
7Guillbert Benavent (J)Caerau Dragon Bowmen424*
8Karen JonesCaerau Dragon Bowmen424
9Megan Edwards (J)Caerau Dragon Bowmen397
10Dan Jones (J)Caerau Dragon Bowmen387
11Robert Marsh (J)Archers of Underwood271
12Robin MorrisonCaerau Dragon BowmenRet'd
13Alys and John TurnerCelyn ArchersDNS

* Guillbert Benavent and Karen Jones both had the same score and number of hits but Guillbert had more 10's.

1Simon StokesArchers of Underwood192

We hope you enjoyed the shoot despite the change of round due to weather. Good shooting for the rest of 2017 and we hope to meet again in June 2018 at Celyn Archers field in Cardiff.

04-08-2017 Three Club Friendly Shoot (30th July 2017) Results


Due to the adverse weather conditions, periods of torrential rain and hail stones, the shoot had to be abandoned after the completeion of the longest distance.

The results are for 3 dozen arrows shot at the following distances.

COMPOUND 70 METRE ROUND (3 Dozen at 70 Metres)
1Simon MiskinCaerau Dragon Bowmen255
2Denise DaviesCelyn Archers237

SHORT METRIC 1 ROUND (3 Dozen at 50 Metres)
1Dave MarshArchers of Underwood173
2Gina BurtonCaerau Dragon Bowmen132
3Bethany MarshArchers of Underwood101
4Jennifer DoyleArchers of Underwood90
5Rob Owen (BB)Archers of Underwood77
6Robert Marsh (J)Archers of Underwood35

SHORT METRIC 2 ROUND (3 Dozen at 40 Metres)
1Paul PayneCelyn Archers65

SHORT METRIC 3 ROUND (3 Dozen at 30 Metres)
1Simon Stokes (BB)Archers of Underwood60
2Brianna McKeogh (J)Archers of Underwood34

The next friendly shoot is at the Caerau Dragon Bowmen ground at St Richard Gwyn RC High School, Barry CF63 1BL on Sunday 3rd September.

Assemble at 13:00 to start shooting at 13:30

Hope to see you there.

17-05-2017 Winter Indoor Season Handicap Results

Results of handicaps from scores shot during the 2016/17 indoor season.

Name Initial Handicap
Based on 1st 3 Scores Shot
Improvement Class
Gina B 4537 8C
John E 5149 2E
Megan E514011D
Rhys E 4240 2D
Tony R 4644 2D

Congratulations to Megan for the best improvement in handicap.

Congratulations to Gina for obtaining the highest classification from scores shot during this indoor season. Gina is now a C class archer.

Remember to submit scores for the outdoor season, 3 dozen at any distance for handicap purposes and full rounds for outdoor classification.

10-04-2017 Outdoor Shooting

Shooting will move outdoors from Tuesday 25th April. Sessions will start at 18:30

Please remember that pure carbon arrows are not allowed on the field. If it can't be found by a metal detector then you cannot shoot it. We shoot on a school field and lost or damaged carbon arrows would be putting the children at risk.

29-12-2016 Next Shoot

First shoot of 2017 will be on Tuesday 3rd January.

06-11-2016 Reminder for Tuesday Indoor Shooting

Shooting on Tuesday evenings is now from 19:00 due to the sports hall being used for football.

11-09-2016 Shooting Indoors

Due to failing light and the subsequent shortening of shooting time, shooting will be moving indoors. Our first indoor shooting session will be Tuesday 13th September 18:30-08:30.

Occasional Sunday shoots may be possible if weather and school timetable permits.

19-07-2016 Friendly Shoot at Archers of Underwood

There will be a friendly shoot at Archers of Underwood, Caerleon on Sunday 31st July. See map below.

Meet at 13:00 on the field.

Rounds available are Short Metric, Short Metric I-IV and 70 Metre round (6 dozen arrows). See information page for details of rounds.

If you are interested let Denise know which round you wish to shoot.

22-02-2016 Outdoor Shooting Reminder

It will soon be time for outdoor shooting. Please remember that pure carbon arrows are not allowed on the field. If it can't be found by a metal detector then you cannot shoot it. We shoot on a school field and lost or damaged carbon arrows would be putting the children at risk.

31-12-2015 First Shoot of 2016

First shoot of 2016 is on Tuesday 5th January. Have a Happy New Year and see you there.

03-12-2015 Date for Christmas Shoot

We will be having a Christmas shoot on Friday 18th December. Various prizes will be awarded, the most horrible Christmas Jumper amongst others! There will be special Christmas themed target faces, mince pies, hot drinks etc.

Details of other upcoming events for next year can be found on the Events page.

07-10-2015 Change to Shooting Times

Due to availablity of the hall Tuesday shooting sessions start at 19:00 from 13/10/2015.

Friday sessions still start at 18:30

27-09-2015 Beginners Courses available

Beginners courses are now available for booking. A course of 5 lessons costs £40 per person and are for a maximum of 4 people, details are on the Courses page.

Why not surprise someone with a course of lessons as a Christmas present? Archery is a great activity for young and old.

21-06-2015 Success at Neath

Neath 21-06-2015

Club members recently took part in the Neath Open Competition at Neath Archers

MeganJunior National470